Hubble Telescope has nothing on my new antenna

ANW052Worked for over three hours today installing an antenna at my home that would help my wife see a few more shows. The rabbit ears and digital box on top of the big screen just wasn’t cutting it. It was fine for me, I rarely watch TV…so when I would sit down to watch a little it would last about a minute before “locking” up and causing to run for my man cave downstairs that has “my” TV and DVD collection. So I broke down and hooked a beast of an array up. I had this idea from friends to try it in my attic and not actually on top of the house…so I tried it. Works great and it just needs a few minor adjustments to 291 degrees compass heading…hahaha…and we should be pullin’ in shows from Cleveland. It literally is one of the biggest TV antennas that I have seen, 15’x10′ seriously. I bought it from my neighbor and it was NIB! I still think TV watching in the evening is a waste of time…i prefer catching up on Hulu.

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