Matt Rothacher – Communicator

MattRothacherMatt is currently serving in Vilonia, Arkansas. He is the Pastor of The Valley Church.

“I was always the kid in youth group who paid attention because he was worried he’d miss something funny, so when I became a youth pastor I made it a point to be the kind of speaker that would keep teens attention using humor. I was taught by my spiritual mentor to package the truth in just enough funny that their there for the truth, and that’s something that I try to do each week, I add just enough humor that the Jesus in the story shines through.” -Matt Rothacher
Matt focuses his messages on the truth found in the stories and teachings of Jesus. “I have found that when Jesus said ‘when I am lifted up… I will draw all men unto me’ that He wasn’t playing He meant it, and I’ve seen Him back it up over and over again.”  Topics that Matt has a passion to speak on: Jesus, angels & demons, spiritual warfare, dangers of premarital sex.

Based out of Vilonia, AR

Contact via his Facebook

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