Weekly Work Schedule

Dustin & Dalton Here you go. This is something that I developed during College as we discussed time management with one of my professors and it is very detailed. It even included what times during the day I planned to have my prayer time/quiet time. Currently my schedule doesn’t look nearly this detailed and my work week usually flows about the same each week…with the exception of students in crisis and different un-planned events that occur all the time.
This is what a typical week looks like now.

Monday: Staff Meeting, Letters/emails, Lunch at Po’Dave’s, afternoon reading/prep and general layout of Wednesday Services.

Tuesday: Writing, Message Prep, multimedia, Facebook, Ministry Communication.

Wednesday: “Flipside 517” finalizing, illustration/props, stock cafe’, miscellaneous ministry.

Thursday: Video Editing, Blog, Ministry Tech, and Research.

Friday- Off.

Saturday- Off.

Sunday- Church Services, Small Groups.

That is a general look at a current weekly schedule that doesn’t include hanging out with students and visitation that is scheduled throughout the week. Keep in mind the flexibility of student ministry. From just foolin’ with the spiritual gift of hangin’ out to students in crisis, keep it all in perspective and be prepared for God to put you in the right place at the right time to used by Him. Isn’t it incredible? I love my job.

I must add that I am very easily distracted and use any and all tech devices to keep me on track. So the “weekly schedule” has gotten more and more high tech over the past few years…yay!

Here it is in word format. Feel free to use it, copy it, or throw it away. Just let me know if it helps. Click Here. Weekly Work Schedule

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