Creative Way to Promote and Communicate What You Are Doing

Our friends over at H2O with Beech Street First Baptist Church-Texarkana (Sean Mills, Youth Pastor) use a creative way to communicate what is up with the Students.  We all know that the easiest way not to have mis-understandings is to communicate effectively, so anyway that you can do this…letters, email, facebook, pidgeon, etc…is better than leaving people guessing.  Something like this is effective publicity for your student ministry and it just takes a little time.  Most everyone has a video camera capable of shooting quick promos and/or reports for their ministry.  Whether you use Windows Movie Maker, iMovie, Pinnacle, Avid, or Adobe…you can make simple quick vids that help you accomplish your mission and keep people informed.


Think of it this way…most people like to know the “who, what, when, where, and how” in any given situation so they can make informed decisions.  That decision maybe whether or not they are a fan of your active ministry and that directly effects if they will speak positively or negatively about the work you do or even the work of the church as a whole.  My prayer is you recieve much of the positive.  Have fun and keep filming!

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