Switching the look of the blog!

Hey friends…switching to a more “magazine” based format for the blog.  Please bear with us as our team of researchers and techies get the final look down…thanks for helping us hit 15 different countries and 42 states in the USA!  This has been lots of fun and I will continue to put up content daily/weekly…so thanks for stopping back by.  Would love to have you coDustin & Erikamment on the posts that you view if you have the time.  It seems that the “youth room decor” post and the “speakers/bands” articles are the most popular with the hits.  Some of you surfers have stayed and looked around for almost 20 minutes…sweet.  Currently in the works are articles on music, vblogs, and a large one on our “LIFE” emphasis that is getting some requests for more info.  More soon my friends!  A special thank you to the guys at www.youversion.com for tweeting the blog out to 7000+ followers!

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