Game Spot Light “Worm Dirt”

Thought I would highlight a game our adults used recently:

Ingredients: Oreos and Gummi Worms

Set Up: Crush 4 (four) Bags of Oreos (not double stuff)…you will find that they begin to look like potting soil.  If it doesn’t begin to look like potting soil…then you are doing it wrong.  Obviously, if you are doing more than four bowls of dirt…then you will need to get more oreos.  Add as many gummi worms as you want to the mix and bingo!

The Game:  Add four students and no hands…they got to see how many worms they can get in a selected amount of time.  We used one minute and it seemed to work well.  Give bonus points to the cleanest worms and such.  You may want to make sure they don’t pick up the bowl or various other limits on the game.  The cool thing about some of these games is that they are fast and furious and get over with quickly while still providing lots of laughs.  Make sure and get some pictures or video of the game to use later.  Put them up on the wall or send them to the students with a note saying thanks for eating dirt.  Have fun.

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