Joey Dodson – Youth Communicator

Joey DodsonJoey and I have been friends since the day two extroverts collided in the Admin Building of Williams Baptist College, circa 1998 or so. He is a man that I would recommend for any event you may have, large or small. I first invited Joey to an Associational Camp that had a reputation for being uneventful and boring. He worked with us and we pulled off a great camp. From then on I knew he was something special. Now many years later, the world-traveler is back in Arkansas teaching at Ouachita Baptist University. He is a student of the Word and makes it come alive for students and adults alike. Joey is a funny man…how he can have all the stuff he has in that gray matter of his and still be funny…well, it’s just a God thing. As a lifer in Student Ministry, very few speakers make me want to dig into scripture more than my friend Joey. He does a fantastic job and is very easy to work with. Having Joey at one of your events is a must ingredient for any event you may have…he is highly recommended.

I pulled this from the Joey Dodson page on facebook…”In short, I desire to set young students on fire for God so that people will come from all around to watch us burn. I try to bring to the pulpit the mind of a scholar, the heart of a pastor and the humor of a comedian.”

Based out of Arkadelphia, AR.
Contact via Facebook Page or 870.723.1451

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