Benefits of openDNS

Common question I get from families…”what filter can I use at home.” That is an easy answer. openDNS. This company has just past a decade in existence. Think of it as a bouncer at the door where you ilogo-opendnsnternet comes into your home. Many of our homes are filled with devices that have access to the internet, either hardwired or WiFi…be smart and plan ahead. openDNS is a free service that extends the Domain Name System by adding things to keep your family safe. There is a pay upgrade that offers even more options for you. It filters content and has the added benefit of protection from phishing bad guys. You can select what level of protection you want for your home. Here is a great post about the benefits of openDNS from Alex Tran. We share a common friend that speaks highly of this guy. This post even has a bonus review of uBlock, it’s awesome too. We use openDNS in our home. As a youth pastor, I want to know that babysitters, students visiting my home and my children are protected from even accidentally stumbling onto the dark side of the internet. If you are a member of 2BC or are local and would like help setting it up for your home, I am available to help out.

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