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20150704_140354I have been active in student ministry and church leadership in one form or another since ’94.  Serving in churches both in Arkansas and Florida. Currently serving as the Executive Pastor at The Grove Church in Titusville, FL.
If I can help encourage, inspire, or cause someone to get fired up about what God can do in the life of a Youth Worker/Student/Pastor etc…then it is all worth it. Turf isn’t Turf when lives are on the line…I pray that you will understand that what we do is a High and Holy calling and something to be excited about. I love my job…the fact that I get to do this full time is amazing and I am forever grateful that I have the privilege to share about, live loud with, and fall more in love with my Savior everyday.
I have a wonderful wife named Erika that I met at Williams Baptist College and two funny kids that I co-created named Dalton and SamanthaJo…aged 12 and 10 respectively.
2009 XMas 10


  1. Hey D… Do you want me to post stories from your childhood? I could start with “Big Wheels and the Emergency Room” ??? Might explain a lot to those that know you now. 🙂 Love you man. Damon

  2. Hi, Dustin! I just happened on your name as I am looking for Rachel Sams. I believe she is your sister. I was her roommate in college at Arkansas Tech back in 1987 timeframe. If you could please let her know I am looking for her and would to hear from her! My email is sandipippin@yahoo.com.

    Thank you,

    Sandi Pippin

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