What an important reminder that youth ministry is happening beyond our own little circle, our town, our state, and even our country!  This is a global thing, and people need to know Christ!

Dustin Sams is now in Germany, and will be speaking for “Teenagerfeizeit Rehe 2011”.  Dustin will be there from July 21st – August 1st.  He is bringing the Word to teenagers throughout the week by way of a translator.

This is an exciting opportunity to share Christ with teens and young adults who desperately need to know Him.  This will also be a great way to inspire those in Germany and introduce new and exciting ways of doing youth ministry.

While teaching at “Teenagerfeizeit Rehe 2011”, Dustin will also be speaking a few times at a local church, and meeting with other student ministry leaders to “brainstorm” youth ministry ideas. Through this they will be able to share ideas with each other, gaining insight about what is and isn’t working.  As any youth pastor knows, building relationships and sharing knowledge with other youth pastors is invaluable.  There is so much to learn from each other.

With all of this exciting news, lets take a moment to pray for Dustin as he speaks to these teenagers and young adults.  Pray that what he speaks will be translated clearly and accurately, and that the Holy Spirit will be the author.  Pray that the students will be receptive to the Word and that lives will be forever changed, that they will become new creations.

Lets also pray for the area youth pastors in Germany, that through meeting with Dustin, they will gain insight about how to better reach their students.  Lastly, pray that though these youth pastors are in Germany, relationships will be built, giving us new people to share our passion and ministry with.

To keep up with what Dustin is doing in Germany this week, be sure to follow him on Twitter: @dustinsams

Stay tuned for more updates as Christ speaks through Dustin, and lives are changed in Germany!

To Save a Life” After a childhood friend’s death, Jake Taylor, an all-star athlete must change his life – and sacrifice his dreams to save the lives of others.

FYI: Depression strikes about one out of eight teenagers www.teensuicide.us , about 1.5 million children experience the divorce of their parents each year, 14%-39% of teens have had at least one incident of deliberate self-injury, suicide is the third leading cause of death among 10-19 year olds

3 Big Reasons to join:

  1. Teens will take ownership…teens are stepping up to power a nationwide grassroots movement bigger than any single youth outreach event before.
  2. Relationships will be built…It’s a movie teens can invite their friends to and be confident that it’s entertaining and authentic.  The can go deeper and dialogue with friends about what matters most in life.
  3. Lives will be changed…on opening weekend, thousands of student groups will gather in theaters with friends and leaders to see “To Save a Life.”  Many teens will experience hope and learn that their lives can count. www.tosavealifeleaders.com


I had the privilege to attend a pre-screening of the movie “To Save A Life” as a part of the Arkansas Student Pastor Network event a few weeks ago.

I was stunned at how they were able to capture high school life with such reality.  It wasn’t candy coated, but it wasn’t over blown either…there was part of me that wasn’t sure how they were going to tackle such numerous plot lines in under two hours…but they did a great job.  I will definitely be promoting it with my students and church.  We have already started the process to see if we can land it locally in the theater.  We are in a smaller community so we might have to bus a bunch of our students and parents over to Little Rock, AR to see it.

There may be some of you that may be hesitant with the PG-13 rating due to some of the themes running throughout the movie, but I hope that it won’t keep you from using this movie for the many teachable moments that are contained within it.  A part that hit me hard was the opportunity that was missed when one of the characters was not “welcomed” as he walked into a youth group meeting…wow, very convicting.  I wondered how many students have done the same thing in our area.  Discussing the movie with my wife she said something to me that really helped put it into perspective.  She said, “High School life is not PG-13…it is R-rated and if we don’t use every tool we can to reach the younger generation…then shame on us.”  Well put.

So I would encourage you to check it out and see for yourself if it could be a tool that you could use locally.  I pray that my students are shaken to their core…with positive results.

Great Resources are available for this film: Check them out.

www.tosavealifeleaders.com , www.tosavealifemovie.com

We made our annual trip to the Pole this year! Students did a great job in planning this year’s and it showed in attendance. There were over 100 students that showed up at their local flag pole to pray for their school, country, and peers. @ 7pm that night the First United Methodist Church hosted a Saw You At The Pole Rally that was great. “First Light” Band led worship and several students led in Prayer or Testimony. The caravan from Flipside 517 was fun and smoother than I thought it would be. Moving 60+ students that couldn’t drive over the FUMC was done with a train of vans! Very nice.