Common question I get from families…”what filter can I use at home.” That is an easy answer. openDNS. This company has just past a decade in existence. Think of it as a bouncer at the door where you ilogo-opendnsnternet comes into your home. Many of our homes are filled with devices that have access to the internet, either hardwired or WiFi…be smart and plan ahead. openDNS is a free service that extends the Domain Name System by adding things to keep your family safe. There is a pay upgrade that offers even more options for you. It filters content and has the added benefit of protection from phishing bad guys. You can select what level of protection you want for your home. Here is a great post about the benefits of openDNS from Alex Tran. We share a common friend that speaks highly of this guy. This post even has a bonus review of uBlock, it’s awesome too. We use openDNS in our home. As a youth pastor, I want to know that babysitters, students visiting my home and my children are protected from even accidentally stumbling onto the dark side of the internet. If you are a member of 2BC or are local and would like help setting it up for your home, I am available to help out.

I am always looking for some cool ways to keep the youth room neat and tidy…so when I stumbled onto this I wanted to share.

HideIt Mounts has the hook up.  I hope it works as good as it looks, it seems to.  The only problem I had is the unsightly power pack to run the xbox will still be visible, but we can’t have it all sometimes.  In our Student Center we have some great diamond plate wall mounted cabinets that were custom-made however comma, the airflow in ours is an issue and we have had more than a couple overheat.  I am now modifying them to get more airflow.  Let me know if some of these work out for you.



However, this is the one that is going in my house.  Slick with the changeable LED backlighting. Saweet! Case Holder:Raise your Case


The following information was taken directly from the website and the linkto the site is below.  Of course they have wall mounts for both sizes of Xbox 360’s, Wii’s, PS 3’s, Apple TV, Cable box, and more.  Check it out.

“Designed for use with the New Slim version of the Xbox 360® game console, the HIDEit XS Mount is designed to store your Slim Xbox® vertically behind your wall mounted plasma or LCD television. Also, it looks great right next to your TV if you want to show it off! Made of clear acrylic, the HIDEit XS Mount is nearly invisible and is a perfect way to set up your newer slimmer Xbox 360®.”

Features: Made from acrylic, your HIDEit XS Mount is lightweight yet rigid enough to support the weight of your Xbox 360. Now, you are able to wall mount your Xbox on either side of your wall mounted flat panel TV. Additionally, the HIDEit XS Mount does not block the power button, disc opening, memory card slots, nor cable ports on your Xbox 360. Since the HIDEit XS Mount is designed so that your Xbox 360 Slim can easily slide out at anytime, you are free to take your Xbox traveling with you on vacation or to a friend’s house with very little effort.

Inside Dimensions*: 10.75 x 10.375 x 3″

Exterior Dimensions*: 11.1875 x 10.375 x 3.5″

What’s in the box? Along with your HIDEit XS Mount, you will also find screws, drywall anchors, and detailed wall mounting instructions for securing your HIDEit XS Mount and wall mounting your Slim Xbox 360!

“A Celebration of Life.”  Join us as we celebrate the lives of Keith and Jacob Mulberry during our normal midweek service at the 2BC Student Center located on the corner of Farris and Dave Ward in Conway.  The entrance to the Student Center is on Farris.  It will be on Wednesday, March 30th @ 7pm.  All 7th-College Age students are invited to be a part.  Hope to see you there.

The wonderful ladies on our Hospitality Team and many parents will be providing snacks and other foods for those attending.  We are very grateful to have such a loving church family that have surrounded Larry, Sheryl, and Bobbie Mulberry during this tragic time.

Visitation ~ Sunday, March 27th, 2-4pm at Second Baptist Church

Funeral ~ Monday, March 28th, 5pm at Second Baptist Church

Larry has asked to speak to the students briefly and has been very vocal and encouraging our students to Step up and live their lives for Christ.  Keith and Jacob never met strangers and were a shining example as they befriended younger students, encouraged accountability, and lived life to the fullest.

Keith and Jacob were both very much a huge part of the Student Ministry of Second Baptist Church.  As active members of the Improv group “off the top,” they were funny, passionate, and prime examples of what it looked like to live out their faith in Christ.  I first met the two of them when they were helping unload our stuff when we moved to town.  They were quick to help work, they were quick with a laugh, and they made me laugh.  They welcomed me with open arms as their new youth pastor and that means a lot to a guy like me.  Both of them had a great sense of humor that endeared them immediately to whomever they met.  I was looking forward to getting to know them more and more.

As a youth pastor, losing a young person is never easy process to go through.  The tears, the awkwardness that students feel as they work their way through the grief, the families impacted by the void that is very much staring them in the face.  You never feel adequate in this situation, no words are ever enough.  Prayer and clinging to Jesus is the only way I have ever gotten through it.  After serving the local church for this length of time, I have had to walk through this process with families all too often.  It never gets easy.  There is no catch phrase or easy reply that works.  Everyone handles it differently and that is the tough part.  Please pray for the students in our community as they deal with this.  Pray for the parents of those students as they struggle with what to say or what not to say.  Thanks to all of the outpouring of support for this family and for me as a pastor.  It is very much appreciated.  God is our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in trouble. Psalm 46:1




The “Snowpocalype” has landed on Arkansas in full effect, I was able to sled with my son, pull a dozen brain-dead rednecks from ditches, and catch up on some reading.  I wanted to pass on a good idea that was pulled off by a Youth Pastor friend in Texarkana.  He is a very humble guy and attributed the idea to his brother Brian Mills, but since I haven’t met Brian and creativity in Student Ministry is “forgetting who you stole the idea from” AND because Brian is still using blogspot…Brian is out of luck on getting props from me. 🙂

So onto my friend Sean and his team at Beech Street Baptist Church in Texarkana, AR.  Snow fell all over the place and most of us had to bail on our mid-week services around here…so with a video camera and Bible in hand, they busted out a quick Vlog to bring church to their students (and mine) via Facebook. Check it out here.  Another good use of tech and social media. Read Sean’s post about it on as well as other insights into student ministry.  This is surely a trick that anyone with a shoulder-cannon and software that is packaged with any computer now-a-days can do.  For those of you that are perfectionists and have the newest Mac…you can be as elaborate as you want.  But in the end, great message via great social media avenues that a lot of students are using…equals a good way to connect God’s word to those at home.  Grab a Mt. Dew and sit down and think about how you could do something like this.  Have a great continued snow day! DVS

Got a report back from our new friend Jens Kehlen from Germany.  I asked him to write up a report of his trip for me to share here.  If we get to see positive results when mentoring, then it makes it all worthwhile. Enjoy DVS

Nearly six weeks have passed since my wife and I have returned to Germany from Stuttgart, Arkansas, USA.  We had the great opportunity to spend seven weeks with Dustin Sams, the youth pastor at First Baptist Stuttgart.  I really miss the time there, because I have seen a lot of changes in my faith and myself during our stay. The seven weeks in the U.S. were a great experience for us and we will never forget this awesome time.

I could not exactly identify what the reasons were that changed me so much, but i still recognize a new and fresh way of life and an increasing desire for youth ministry.  Maybe it was the influence Dustin had, the daily life with the church family there, or the different culture or all together. You have to know, everyone who spends time with him will never be the same:-)

Dustin became a great role model for me.  How he lives his faith and shares his life with his students, the church members and his family. He is a guy full of a spiritual mindset and he lives a faith that is very attractive for the non churched. He has a lot of experiences in youth ministry and he was a great mentor and friend to me.

I will let you know the most important things I learned and which things influenced me most:

  • The first and most important fact is my spiritual life. I received a new and fresh desire for my ministry and especially for Jesus. I amactually not sure why my relationship with Christ became deeper, but now I love to spend silent time with my Lord.  I learned how dependent on Christ a successful youth pastor has to be in order to lead a group in a healthy way.
  • I found out that the staff of First Baptist live all very jesus focused lives and they always keep praying that God shows them his further steps with the church. And if you ever had the advantage to work with one of them you will agree that they serve and work in knowledge that they are dependent on the Holy Spirit.
  • Beside my spiritual life, I learned a lot of useful tools for creating an impact on students with ministry. For example the use of technology, videos, contemporary worship music,  etc.  These things are  not only a nice accessories.  These are useful things that make it easier to reach the students with the Gospel.

At this point i will share an excerpt from Dustin: “Do not change the bread of life (the Gospel) but you can put jelly, butter, cream, strawberry jam… to make it more appealing for the younger generation.”  But more important than any tool is the relationship with adults and especially with the students.  In my opinion this is the basis for a healthy and a growing youth ministry in a church.  I learned from Dustin to share your faith not only on Wednesdays nights with the students but to actually be part of their lives.

A network with other youth pastors is so important for encouragement and to learn from each other.  I remember one sentence from Dustin which burns deep in my head:  “Do not only call a friend (or anyone else) if you need something. Call him or her anytime you just think about them and let them know you are still a part of their lives and not only a number in their notebook.”  I am so blessed that God gave us the opportunity to travel to Arkansas for our Internship with Dustin. This was honestly the best summer of my life.

Best Regard, Jens

Hit Jens up on Facebook: Jens Kehlen, he’s pretty much the only one on Facebook named that.

Jens and his wife Steffi are from Remscheid, Germany.  They were married this past summer and Jens is finishing up his degree at Forum Wiedenest Bibelschule near Cologne, Germany.  Steffi completed her degree and now looking for a job. Please pray for them.  It was great joy to have them with us for their Practicum and we look forward to hearing about the great things that God will do in Germany through them.

I wanted to address something that is very important to me. Networking. Call it what you want, I call it survival. After many moons of student ministry, the things that I treasure most apart from my savior, my wife and kids, and my XBOX is my networking relationships with other Youth Pastors on the frontlines of student ministry.

There is a funny illustration that one of my good friends used while he was talking to one of my former students. I am sure he ripped off the story, but it went something like this. “A reporter was at a small paper and wanted to impress his friend by telling him that he had gotten an interview with the town mayor. His friend Bob was happy for him and said, “hey, when you see the mayor, tell him Bob said Hi.” The reporter was obviously disheartened when he found out that his friend already knew the mayor. Sometime later, after the reporter had moved up in the world of reporting…got an interview with the president. He phoned his friend Bob and let him know what he was up to. Bob was excited for his friend and said, “hey, when you see the President, tell him Bob said Hi.” The reporter was disheartened once again. Finally the reporter reached the zenith of his career and landed an interview with the Pope. He quickly dialed his friend Bob to let him know what he was doing in the hopes of impressing Bob. Bob was very excited for him. When the reporter got to the Vatican there was a large crowd gathered as the Pope was coming out to greet the people. The reporter was floored when he looked up and saw Bob coming out with the Pope. He looked at the guy next to him and asked, “hey, who is that guy with the Pope?” The man replied, “I don’t know who the pope is, but that guy next to the guy with the funny hat is Bob!” A funny story. My friend was telling my former student that I was Bob…referring to the fact that he thought I “knew” everybody. I was flattered, but I would like to think that it is because I genuinely try to connect with those that I have blessed to run into during this fun ride called life.

Networking with others is essential in this thing we do called student ministry. We cannot think that we have it all figured out. We don’t. We don’t always have the best ideas. The moment I realized that I can learn much from colleagues, mentors, and friends…that is when I began to figure it out. Here are some tips for expanding your network and by default, expanding your influence and the influence others have on your life and ministry.

· Be humble. Be the first to pick up the flag of another individual with great talents and ideas and wave it high. This is the same if they are youth pastors in other towns or even in your own community. If they feel you are genuinely interested in them and their success, it makes it easier to work together and squashes any “turf” issues from the beginning.

· Stay connected. Don’t let the only time you call/text/message that person to be when you are “pimping” your own stuff or events. Get to know their families, let them know that you are accessible and available to swap ideas.

· Pray for them and their ministry. Rejoice in their victories and encourage them in their “bumps” in ministry. I know I appreciate it when a friend that really “gets” what I am doing shows his/her support. Sometimes this is a thankless job and to know that others have an idea what we are going through really helps.

· Be Real. At the end of the day, we have all had a tenth grader we have invested in for months or years decide to just check out and try their hand at the world, throwing to the wind everything you feel they have learned in your ministry. It is a tough job. So be transparent in your dealings with others and they will feel more comfortable networking with you.

· Be sensitive for God’s timing. I can’t tell you how many times I have met a fellow youth pastor and it has been just what we both needed at the time. God has a way of bringing the right people together to swap ideas and encourage one another to further His kingdom. So keep your eyes open for “resources” that He puts in our paths.

· Don’t be discouraged if you don’t “click” right away. Sometimes the closest friends in ministry may start rocky. My best friend in ministry, Scott Quimby, told me that he didn’t like me very much when we first met.  I am not sure why, maybe it was because he is an only child, but our differences have helped our friendship strengthen over time.  Sometimes youth pastors are  hesitant to engage with other ministries. Maybe you or the other have been “burned” by some 6 month flame-out and they are licking their wounds.

· Pick up the phone. Call around and see who is working with students in your area. Have lunch and share passions for students. Don’t worry if they are in a different denomination. The majority of us have the common ground of Jesus Christ. So start there first. Find out why they do what they do and then see the first recommendation above. Don’t wait for others to call you. Make that first step out in faith and see what God has planned.

· Use these connections to share your concerns and/or “vent.” We often have to be careful sometimes in ministry by being perceived as “complaining” by members of our own churches. I get advice and bounce ideas about situations with my colleagues without getting into a gossip session. It helps a ton and I am a better youth pastor because of it.

· Share resources. I have many friends that are in churches that may not have the budget that I have. We have all been there, trying to stretch a budget. So give freely when you are blessed. Loan books, share props, large ticket items, and resources. Don’t be afraid to ask either. Take interest in their ministries and I have found they will take interest in yours. Recently, I have had several conversations with guys/gals that have struggled with tragedies in their ministries. This is a great time to share resources, experiences, and wisdom that battle scars from years of ministry leave us with. It is a blessing in the end, it doesn’t seem like it when you are going through a church split, firing, or the wisdom we gain from laboring through the loss of a student’s life in your community and ministry. We all have “I will never do that again” moments and if that wisdom helps someone else from making the same mistake, then that is a win-win situation.

· One final thought for now. Go to conventions and conferences. Even ones you may not necessarily want to. These are great places to network with like-minded people. The network of youth pastors that I have now have been my shoulders to lean on during my ministry time. Some of them have grown into wonderful mentors that can speak wisdom into my life and ministry. Give them the freedom to do just that, have a few people that you can rely on to speak the truth into your life…even if it hurts sometimes. We all need our card pulled sometimes and it is much easier coming from someone that you have a close relationship with and not just someone taking pop-shots at you from the peanut gallery. Networks of friends help you make it through the peanut gallery days.

Me and 4500 other bloggers are writing about water today.

The majority of us in the United States have clean, cheap tap water running out of a fixture somewhere in our homes.  Some of us have just a normal, run of the mill faucets…others have fancy waterfalls that run into bowls that seemingly have no outlet for the drain…yet, the water goes somewhere.  I am thinking it indeed does go somewhere, but that is just a hunch.

I look in my cabinets and I can find at least 15 containers that my family uses to carry water, kool-aid, chocolate milk, or the solid chunks of smelly stuff that appears when you leave that container of said chocolate milk hidden behind a car seat in the car for a few weeks.  I can also buy a crazy amount of neatly packaged bottled water at any store or quick-stop I go into.

Here’s the thing.  When I need water. I get it. I don’t have to walk far for it. I get it.  I don’t have to wait in line. I get it.  I don’t know the first thing about what it is like to go with out.  Yet, often I think, pray, wonder about those precious men, women, and children around the world that have to struggle to get something that seems so simple, clean drinking water.Continue reading

For the past several weeks I have had the opportunity to be shadowed by some new friends from Germany.  Jens and Steffi attend a Bible College in Germany that requires them to serve a 7 week internship each year.  Tobias, a great friend from Germany, knew Jens and Steffi and contacted me about hosting them at our church.  Good idea.  If all of Germany’s Youth Ministry oriented people are as quality as Jens and Steffi, then they have a very bright future!

I wanted to share a few thoughts in regard to Mentoring that I have been reminded of at this point.

  • Know why you do what you do.  Jens asks questions…actually that is an understatement.  He asks a lot of questions.  So there are many things that I do during the normal day-to-day routine that I just take for granted.  Having him around has helped me to evaluate everything I do on a step-by-step basis.  It has helped me to streamline my normal routine.
  • Learning and applying things to your life is only part of the process.  Evangelism has not taken place until discipleship has taken place.  The same goes for mentoring.  All the knowledge from peers/reading/studying/observing does not mature in value until you share that with others.  There is no such thing as “turf” in ministry.
  • Be transparent. Share the mistakes with the wins!  Revisiting past failures has been helpful to me and Jens as well. No one is perfect, don’t try to be.
  • Network!  I don’t know all the answers, I don’t even try to pretend.  But I have some great friends in ministry that have some answers as well and a world of knowledge to share.  So while you are mentoring, use your resources.  I have scheduled many meets with peers to allow them to see ministry on many different levels: from University Professors to Youth Pastors working in other churches, both large and small.  It is great for them to see servants at work and at play.
  • Evaluate.  Know what you both want to accomplish.  From the beginning there needs to be a game-plan for what needs to be accomplished.  7 weeks goes by fast…as does any length of time for mentoring.  Don’t get caught trying to fit it all in the last week.  Both of you will end up not liking ministry or each other very much.
  • Realize that it takes a lot of time.  So be patient and calm.  Don’t get overwhelmed with the feeling that someone is just following you around.
  • Have fun.  Life is too short not to.  Enjoy the time you have together.  Realize we are serving with the kingdom in mind.

I will be having Jens write about his stay and what he learned while in the States.  Pray for him and Steffi as they endeavor to serve in Germany.

Even though it is just June… the wickedly cool Youth Specialties Blog has come up with a list of the top Youth Ministry Blogs out there in cyberspace.  There are more and more YMBlogs out there now and I would consider us all friends…even though most of us have never met.  Several of them are new to me and I wanted to pass the list along to those of you that may not have YS Blog on your “things to read” list.

*side note on tracking info about your blog:  I love looking at the data from my blog. I use Google Analytics and it gives a ton of stuff that I use and a whole bunch of stuff that I have to get my friend David Summers to explain…but my favorite is the humbling “Map Overview”.

The “Map Overview” gives me a peek at the locations of those that click on my Blog.  It kind of brings to light exactly how small the world really has become.  Other quick looks at unique visitors and what content is drawing the most interest is the bomb.  You may want to check it out if you are looking for ways to track your info.

I am glad that YS spent some time stalking some of the best blogs out there and helped compile a list like this…it cuts my time down considerably when I can just add these blogs to my Google reader.  Top Drawer my friends.  I don’t think of it as a competition thing and I don’t even need the info broken into other categories…just the pooling of resources is great.  Good things happen when we challenge one another to do a better job at sharing our faith and living it out right in front of our students.  It can get overwhelming though, I even got cheesed recently when I read something on Jeremy Zach‘s blog, it made me mad and I was about to write a comment or send him a note on Facebook when I realized that I agreed with him…whew! Near miss there.  I realized that I needed to take a break and go kiss my kids.  Keep up the good work and keep spreading the good news around.  DVS